Home Learning During School Closure, Summer Term 2020

Updated 9.10am, Thursday 21st May

***** Please note there will be no home learning for w/c 25th May (half term) **** 

Our aim has been to give you a variety of things to select from for your children and do not feel all of it must be done. Try to prioritise maths and English and supplement this with activities from the non-core subjects, ideally including PE each day. The children are used to being in a routine with their learning, so bite sized chunks (certainly not hours on end!) with lots of breaks and try to do a Monday-Friday daily dose makes sense. We have tried to set work within a year groupo that is accessible for all, but f you think your child is struggling with the learning set for their age group try work set for an earlier year. At all times, please be realistic of what can be achieved with minimum conflict and stress.

Access to the internet is necessary for a large proportion of these activities, so please consider eSafety when your chidlren are online. Think You Know is an excellent source of information for online saftey for children and  each fortnight they will be releasing new home activity packs with simple 15 minute activities you can do with your child to support their online safety at a time when they will spending more time online at home.

Every weekend we will post here a week's worth of daily learning for the week ahead for the core subjects of maths and English for years 1-6 (see below). Please try and complete these avtivities. Do not worry if your child struggles with an aspect or activity (we will return to the subject matter at some point when they return to school) and don't force it.  Either take a break and come back to it later, or leave it altogether.

We have launched Flipgrid as a way of pupils sharing their learning with their teacher and classmates and teachers being able to repond.

Please note that for maths the activity sheets and answers are now available here under resource and answers.

Year 1: Maths w/c 18 May Plan Lesson1resource  Lesson2Resource  Lesson3Resource Lesson4Resource Answers English w/c 18 May Plan (+ resource)

Year 2: Maths w/c 18 May Plan Lesson1resource Lesson2Resource  Lesson3Resource  Lesson4Resource Answers  English w/c 18 May Plan (+ resource)

Year 3: Maths w/c 18 May Plan Lesson1resource  Lesson2Resource  Lesson3Resource  Lesson4Resource Answers English w/c 18 May Plan

Year 4: Maths w/c 18 May Plan Lesson1resource Lesson2Resource   Lesson3Resource  Lesson4Resource Answers English w/c 18 May Plan

Year 5: Maths w/c 18 May Plan Lesson1resource Lesson2Resource   Lesson3Resource  Lesson4Resource Answers English w/c 18 May Plan

Year 6: Maths w/c 18 May Plan Lesson1resource Lesson2Resource   Lesson3Resource  Lesson4Resource Answers English w/c 18 May Plan

The government has suggested the following resources should you wish:

BBC Bitesize and Oakland Trust 

We have also posted learning activities for the non-core subjects (eg art, PE, French etc) and bundled together the equivalent of one activity a week for years 1-6. These can be found below. Consider these as extras to the core maths and English to be completed only if possible. PE includes Turtles and Dolphins.

PE, Art & Craft, Music, French, Science & Topic

We have aimed to plan learning that whenever possible does not require printing anything. Exercise books were sent home with children before we had to close so please use these or whatever else you prefer or have.

Turtles home learning for June & July

Doplhins home learning for weeks 1&2 & weeks 3-6

Please click here for a message from our Turtles and Dolphins teaching staff.

Appledore Baptist Church come to school each Thursday and lead an assembly. Whilst we have closed they have kindly recorded an assesmbly that can be viewed online if you wish. Assembly1 Assemby2 Assembly3 Assemby4 Assembly5



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